MoTOTA Board Meeting Minutes 6-15-2024

By | June 25, 2024


Rolla, MO


Larry Hightower, Mark Spangler, Rusty Wiseman, Deloris Gray Wood, Jason Irby, Denise Dowling, Bill Ambrose

Call to Order

Denise called the meeting to order at 1:00 p. m.

Previous Minutes

Denise reviewed the previous minutes as follows:  Brick Autry has agreed to serve as chapter treasurer.  The newly received MoTOT’s Interpretive Plan Document has arrived.  MHC, Troy Wayne Poteete, Amy Kostine and several Mo. Chapter members are thanked for this effort.  Board members each get one copy with location data and one without.  Libraries get copies without location data.  Denise noted that Deloris continues as National Board representative from Mo Chapter as her term does not end until 12-31-24.  At that time that board seat will be open for election.  Denise reported she is working on a Chapter Newsletter.  She reported that the National Board selected Springfield for the 2025 National Conference.  Denise requested that we all keep track of our hours spent, mileage driven, and dollars spent on TOT’s activities.  She will be the collector of that info to forward to Troy.  She reported TOTA members had the largest number of miles reported to NPS by any trail organization.

Deloris moved to accept the minutes and Mark seconded.  Motion passed.

Old Business

Larry reported that he informed NaTOTA of our Board election.  He canvassed all 24 counties for interest in our Interpretive Plan document and got no responses.  Deloris suggested focusing on important locations along the Trail for cities or libraries to give a copy to – for example, Steeleville, not Sullivan.  Denise suggested centrally located communities in the Trail counties.  Larry suggested the largest towns.  Deloris added “State Libraries.”  Denise added Cape Co. Historical Society.  The Board spent several minutes going through the Master Library list created by Larry while he tabulated possible important locations for the Interpretive Plan to be placed.  Mark said communicate with the Reference Librarian the importance of the document to place it in the “Reference Section.”  It was suggested that an email be sent first to assess for interests.  Then board members should deliver the copy personally with a standard cover page-letter.

New Business

Denise reported that Meramec Spring is doing multiple Concept and Location-specific TOT interpretive panels.  They have been working with NPS and Amy, and will be erecting their own panels.

Denise reported she is working with the Mark Twain National Forest, originally Clark NF, for 3 panels with NPS logo.

Rusty said star pitcher Ryan Helsley is an enrolled Cherokee with great interests in Cherokee story.  Perhaps we should contact him when we need funding for a project.

Conversation turned to discussing doing our own panels seeking outside funding or cost-share grants.  Deloris reported 2 2foot by 3foot panels costs $300.  Lark Labels Co. in Wichita is supplier.  The following locations were suggested by board members for panel locations: Mississippi County Benge Route, Hidden Waters in Webster Co., Starks Gasconade Crossing in Pulaski Co., Fish Lake, Delaney Lake, and Camp Branch near Hartville.  Bill said that it sounded like a program that would be supported by MHC.  He will chat with Ashley about that.

Membership Changes

Denise reported Rocky Miller has resigned as Immediate Past President, so Deloris will take that seat and responsibility.


Deloris reported that the MOTOTA fed the RTR riders again this year in Waynesville.  Denise noted that the RTR schedule was as usual a little difficult to plan due to communication challenges.  Rusty also attended.  City of Waynesville paid for the food.  Rolla Forest Service office provided lunch for the riders.

The 2025 National Conference

The conversation turned to the 2025 National Conference, perhaps in Sept. or October.  Denise noted that NaTOTA does the scheduling now.  Current discussion now is field trips to Hidden Waters, Roubidoux Spring, and Hartville.  Pre or Post-conference side trip information for Meramec Spring/Steeleville could be supplied.  Logistics planning needs to begin for any field trip catering and busing.  Larry has been looking at hotels in Springfield for the conference.  He reported University Plaza and Double Tree are being looked at.  It was noted the U. Plaza is close to the History Museum on the Square, which could possibly have a TOT exhibit.  There are other Trails being interpreted there which should be of interests to our attendees.  Mark suggested a presentation that he might do would be about the Seneca Indians.  Larry suggested an overview program covering the many unique TOT sights in Missouri that out-of-state attendees would be unfamiliar with.  Rusty pointed out the “Gateway to the West” theme for a program.  Rusty suggested talking with Bass Pro about potential funding.  Denise said she would like to see the presentations focused on Missouri story of the TOTs. 

Next Meeting

Next meeting 1:00 P.M., Saturday, August 31, at TOT State Park.

Deloris made the motion to adjourn.  Larry (and everyone) seconded.  Motion passed.

It was determined that all the Interpretive Plan copies contained sensitive location information.  Therefore, only one was given to each Board member.  Bill will contact Amy to see if we can get the 40 copies we were promised without location data.

Submitted by Bill Ambrose,  MoTOTA Secretary

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