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Missouri Trail of Tears member Dr. William “Bill” Ambrose has spent quite a bit of time putting together a collection of monographs telling the story of some aspects of the Trail of Tears as it passed through Missouri. We think you will enjoy these tales.

We are also glad to have Rocky Miller joining the Monograph Authors Club!

We are also soliciting monographs from ToTA members and academics working in the field.

Missouri Trail of Tears Resources

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A GLO from the 1830s with a modern GIS overlay showing possible Missouri Trail of Tears Resources
A GLO from the 1880s with modern GIS data overlain. A GLO from the 1830s with a modern GIS overlay showing possible Missouri Trail of Tears Resources

Missouri Trail of Tears Resources: Did you know that the United States once had an Office of the Surveyor General?  They signed off on thousands of General Land Office (GLO) plats (diagrams). GLOs divide the West into square mile partitions. Those were given to railroads or broken down further, and sold or transferred to settlers. These are the foundational documents of all property rights in much of the United States west of the original colonies. They are a witness to understanding what occurred in the newly formed State of Missouri in the 1830s. This was approximately the same time the Cherokee Tribe were relocated through Missouri.

Under the GLO page there is sub page which features an interactive web map which shows our progress in obtaining and integrating GLOs from the State of Missouri into our GIS.

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