By | March 29, 2024

With Many Years of Funding by the Missouri Humanities, The Missouri Chapter of the Trail of Tears Association Presents the Missouri Story of the Trail of Tears Website: motrailoftears.com The on-line interactive, multi-layered map of the Northern Route of the Trail of Tears is complete across the state with significant additions to relate historical Trail of Tears events… Read More »

Steelville, Missouri ToT Happenings

By | November 18, 2023

Join in the Inaugural Remember the Removal Walk, Ride, and Bike along the original Trail of Tears Cannon Route east of Steelville. Watch the short video promotion here. The flyer’s text is included below in case you want to copy and paste: Trail of Tears – Remembrance CommitteeSteelville Area Historical Societywww.steelvillehistoricalsociety.comJoin in the Inaugural Remember the Removal Walk,… Read More »

26th Annual Trail of Tears Conference & Symposium

By | September 27, 2023

Link to the 26th Conference Page (see this page for the latest information) When: October 16-18, 2023Where: Cherokee Casino & Hotel in West Siloam Springs, OKConference Room Rate: $109.24 (includes tax) per night Room Block Code: #1510TOTATRReservations: phone 918-422-6301 (reservations online not available for this room block) Tentative Schedule:

The GLO as Cartographic Art

By | May 30, 2023

The PLSS: As a cartographer at law, I am fortunate to work with the GLO (General Land Office) maps developed for the Public Land Survey System (PLSS). Lamentably, the PLSS is the most important national governmental effort you didn’t learn about in school. The US government created GLO plats to map frontier property to sell to its growing… Read More »

A New Author Joins Us

By | January 22, 2023

The Missouri Chapter of the Trail of Tears Association is delighted to present a monograph entitled Trail of Broken Promises by the chapter president Mr. Rocky Miller. Rocky is a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, and a former State Representative for the State of Missouri.  Rocky is a Professional Engineer and Land Surveyor.  As a Land Surveyor, he… Read More »

Cherokee Removal and Routes Toward more Ethical Treatment of the Past

By | November 28, 2022

An Article by the Missouri Humanities’ Archeologist By Erin N. Whitson, M.S. Links added by Chris Dunn The Cherokee People Survived Most of us have heard about Cherokee Removal (or the Trail of Tears) at some point in the past. We’ve all heard the general layout of the story…Cherokee folks did everything in their power to stay in… Read More »

Roots and Routes

By | January 21, 2023

Post By: The Missouri Humanities  Missouri Humanities is paving a new path in 2023 with our next Signature Series!         Join us in 2023 as we consider the movement of people, both voluntary and involuntary, and its influence on the cultural heritage, natural environment, and modern make up of Missouri. Through both in-person public programming… Read More »

Family Maps

By | January 21, 2023

By William “Bill” Ambrose, DDS The “Family Maps” series of county land patentees has been an invaluable resource for Missouri Trail of Tears Association researchers in their efforts to better find the true path of the Trail of Tears across the state.  “Family Maps” are published by Arphax Publishing Co., and under copyright by Boyd IT, Inc., all… Read More »

We Added a New Map!

By | September 22, 2022

Its NToTA’s 25th! The 25th National Trail of Tears Association‘s Annual Conference & Symposium starts tomorrow. Check it out! Especially, the conference program. New: The Interactive Lt. B.B. Cannon Journal Map The Journal of BB Cannon is considered one of the best resources for exploring the history of the northern route of the Trail of Tears. Along with… Read More »

There’s a New (Geology) Monograph!

By | September 22, 2022

Title: Charles-Alexandre Lesueur in Missouri: 1826 By Walter A. Schroeder, June 2003 Link: https://motrailoftears.com/library/monographs/charles-alexandre-lesueur-in-missouri-1826/ A Geological Summary of the Journal of the Voyage of Charles-Alexandre Lesueur from Harmony, Indiana to Southern Missouri in 1826. The area traversed by Lesueur on his trip to Missouri in 1826 included the geologic extremes of the Mississippi Embayment, a deep structural basin… Read More »

Our Mission

By | September 22, 2022

An Act of Congress In 1830, Congress passed the Indian Removal Act, which required the various Indian tribes in today’s southeastern United States to give up their lands in exchange for federal territory which was located west of the Mississippi River. Most Indians fiercely resisted this policy, but as the 1830s wore on, most of the major tribes… Read More »

The Undiscovered Story

By | September 22, 2022

Let’s talk about how a team of people are sharing the Undiscovered Story of the Cherokee Tribe on the Trail of Tears in Missouri. I’m Chris Dunn, the GIS Guy on the team. For me, this project started sometime in 2019 when Dr. Bill Ambrose and Steve Belko, Ph.D. somehow found me, after looking around the State of Missouri for someone to begin mapping their research and discoveries. I knew very little about the Trail of Tears then.