The Missouri Trail of Tears Team is a diverse group of volunteers, professionals, and organizations all working towards the common goal of telling the truth of the Trail of Tears events in Missouri. Please consider joining the team in whatever way you feel you can best contribute.

Missouri ToTA Board of Directors 2022-2023

Missouri Chapter of the Trail of Tears Association

  • Rocky Miller – President
  • Larry Hightower – Vice President
  • Denise Dowling – Treasurer | Nat’l Board Delegate
  • Dr. Bill Ambrose – Secretary
  • Mary Griffin – Board Member
  • Jason Urby – Board Member
  • Brick Autry – Board Member
  • Deloris Gray – Past President / National Board Delegate

Organizations on the Trail of Tears Team

Volunteers are an Important Part of our Trail of Tears Team

  • Mark Spangler – Volunteer & Former Museum Curator, Lebanon, Laclede County Library
  • Eva Dunn – Southeast Missouri

State Trail of Tears Association Chapters

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